Monday, May 11, 2009


Created By Judith Prindle 5/11/09
1 Skein Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn
# 3 Needles.
Gauge: 5.5 Stitches by 9 Rows = 1 Inch.
Cast on 56 stitches.
K= Knit
P= Purl
ROWS 1-5: K.
ROW 6: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 7: K.
ROW 8: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 9: K.
ROW 10: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 11: K.
ROW 12: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 13: K.
ROW 14: K3-P6-K2-P4-K2-P4-K4-P4-K6-P2-K6-P10-K3.
ROW 15: K.
ROW 16: K3-P6-K2-P2-K4-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P6-K2-P14-K3.
ROW 17: K.
ROW 18: K3-P6-K6-P4-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P6-K4-P12-K3.
ROW 19: K.
ROW 20:K3-P6-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P6-K2-P14-K3.
ROW 21: K.
ROW 22: K3-P6-K8-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P6-K6-P10-K3.
ROW 23: K.
ROW 24: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 25: K.
ROW 26: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 27: K.
ROW 28:K3-P6-K6-P4-K2-P2-K2-P2-K6-P4-K6-P10-K3.
ROW 29: K.
ROW 30: K3-P6-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P2-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P6-K2-P10-K3.
ROW 31: K.
ROW 32: K3-P6-K2-P4-K2-P2-K6-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K6-P10-K3.
ROW 33: K.
ROW 34: K3-P6-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P2-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P14-K3.
ROW 35: K.
ROW 36: K3-P6-K6-P6-K2-P4-K6-P4-K6-P10-K3.
ROW 37: K.
ROW 38: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 39: K.
ROW 40: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 41: K.
ROW 42:K3-P2-K6-P4-K2-P4-K2-P4-K4-P6-K4-P4-K6-P2-K3.
ROW 43: K.
ROW 44: K3-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P2-K4-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P6-K3.
ROW 45: K.
ROW 46:K3-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K6-P4-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P6-K3.
ROW 47: K.
ROW 48: K3-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P6-K3.
ROW 49: K.
ROW 50: K3-P2-K6-P4-K8-P4-K4-P6-K4-P4-K2-P6-K3.
ROW 51: K.
ROW 52: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 53: K.
ROW 54: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 55: K.
ROW 56: K3-P4-K2-P6-K2-P4-K4-P4-K2-P6-K2-P2-K6-P6-K3.
ROW 57: K.
ROW 58: K3-P4-K2-P2-K2-P2-K2-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K2-P2-K2-P2-K2-P6-K2-P6-K3.
ROW 59: K.
ROW 60:K3-P4-K10-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K10-P2-K6-P6-K3.
ROW 61: K.
ROW 62: K3-P4-K4-P2-K4-P2-K2-P4-K2-P2-K4-P2-K4-P2-K2-P10-K3.
ROW 63: K.
ROW 64: K3-P4-K2-P6-K2-P4-K4-P4-K2-P6-K2-P2-K6-P6-K3.
ROW 65: K.
ROW 66: K3-P52-K3.
ROW 67: K.
ROW 68: K3-P52-K3.
ROW 69: K.
ROW 70: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 71: K.
ROW 72: K3-P28-K3.
ROW 73-77: K.


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