Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ch = chain
dbl = double
sng= single
sl = slip
st = stitch

You Need;
Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn
Size I Crochet Hook

Thing to know.....
Gauge is not applicable, you can make more or fewer, rounds before the trim if you want
your cloth bigger or smaller. than mine.
You will join your rounds with a slip stitch between
the beginning chain 3 and the first double crochet.
All you double crochet stitches will be worked between
the stitches of the previous row through out instead
of in the top like you usually would.

chain 4 and join in ring with a sl st.

Round 1; ch 3, 2 dbl crochet, * ch 3 , 3 dbl crochet;
repeat from * 2 times. ( 12 dbl crochet and 4 chain 3 corners)
Join with a sl st.

Round 2; ch 3 double crochet between next 2 dbl crochet,
2 dbl crochet, ch 3, 2 dbl crochet in corner,
* 1 dbl crochet between next two dbl crochet twice,
2 dbl crochet, ch 3, 2 dbl crochet in corner,
repeat from * 2 times. join.

24 dbl crochet and 4 chain 3 corners.
Repeat round 2 until your cloth is the size you want, making
corners in the chain 3 corner of the round before.
You of course will automatically be working more styitches
each round.

The trim is worked by:
Slip stitch in the top of the beginning chain 3,
sng in same stitch as join, ch 1 sng in top of next dbl
repeat to corner ch 3,
* ch 1, sng, in corner 3 times,
sng in top of each dbl ch 1 repeat across to corner ch 3,
repeat from * 2 times.
When I made my two cloths, for one I turned after each
round and for the other I didn't. Not recalling
exactly where they ended on the trim I can't say that
you will come exactly back to the beginning with thetrim repeats.
If not continue in the maner described and join with a slip
stitch in the first single crochet. Hide ends and you are done.


Karen Nix Oetman said...

Awesome & oh so easy!! I'd much rather receive a gift such as this, "a gift from the heart". Thank you! ~Cajun Parish Nurse

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