Sunday, August 03, 2008


Created by; Judith Prindle 3/4/05

J hook
worsted weight acrylic yarn( not much!)

hdbl= half double
rnd= round
sl st= slip stitch

Some things to know;

When you count your stitches, the chain at the beginning of each round is not to be counted.
Just ignore it.

You will not turn your work. Ever.....

chain 3...leave a length of yarn long enoughto crochet a tie.
rnd 1 :8 hdbl crochet in 3rd chain from hook, joinat this point pull on your yarn end to tighten.
rnd 2 : ch 2, 2 hdbl crochet in each stitch, join with sl st in first hdbl crochet. (16 hdbl crochet)
rnd 3 :ch 2, 2 hdbl crochet in each stitch, join with sl st in first hdbl crochet (32 hdbl crochet)
rnd 4 :ch 2, 2 dbl crochet in each stitch,join with sl st in front loop only of first dbl crochet. (64 hdbl crochet)
rnd 5 : *ch 1, sl st in front loop of next dbl crochet,repeat from * around;slip stitch in the back loop of the first dbl crochet of this round.
rnd 6 : *ch 1, sl st in back loop of next dbl crochet,repeat from * around, sl st together, exactly where is up to you. What ever looks best.
Cut leaving a long enough end to crochet a chain to hang this with.
You will tie it together with the chain that will be made from the beginning of your scrubbie.
Feed the yarn back to the middle.
I chained 15 and ended off. Tie together.You of course, if you don't care to hang your scrubbie to dry, can just hide the ends.


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